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Jul 28, 2006

Todays show helps athletes, coaches and parents understand they top two mental attitudes in sports that destroy confidence and teaches how to improve self-confidence.

There are two bad habits that many athletes today engage in - and they do it without even thinking about it. The habits I'm talking about are *not* drinking or smoking.

The two bad habits I am talking about, which kill confidence are:

1. Setting unrealistic expectations

2. Engaging in self-doubt

I talk about both of these concepts a great deal in my work, as expectation and doubt will cripple even a healthy level of self-confidence. Here is my conclusion after working with thousands of athletes from many sports:

Strict expectations will undermine and suck the life out of confidence! First, they set you up for a win/lose proposition. You either achieve or fail to achieve your expectations, which is not a good scenario for achieving success.