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Jun 28, 2020

One of the biggest challenges for perfectionists is the lack of trust in their skills…

Lack of trust in skills is the reason perfectionists tend to under perform in competition–compared to practice.

Perfectionism leads to:

–Over thinking
–Stuck in a practice mindset
–Worry about what others think

Jun 14, 2020

Perfectionist athletes often worry too much about what others (coaches, teammates, parents) think about their performance. We call this social approval fears in our work.

This is not only a huge distraction for athletes, but also a source of pressure to perform up to others’ expectations. This is the number one reason...

Jun 9, 2020

Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews Dr. Joe Havlick on the use of mindfulness to help athletes and performers succeed. Joe has a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology and works with performers and athletes of many ages, sports, and careers. Joe has a practice of meditation that he offers to all of his clients. Dr. Cohn and Dr....

May 31, 2020

In this Mental Training podcast, you learn why perfectionist athletes partake in irrational thinking. In this case “all or none thinking” and how to prevent it.

One of the characteristics of perfectionists is that they view their performance as black or white, good or bad, with no shades of gray in between.


May 25, 2020

This week Dr. Cohn speaks with Brenley Shapiro for The Sports Psychology Podcast. Shapiro is the founder of Heads Up High Performance in Toronto. She’s a Sport Psychology, Performance Consultant and Certified Sports Vision Trainer. She’s the first female Mental Performance Consultant for the Arizona Coyotes in...