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Nov 25, 2018

In this week's sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, answers mental game questions in Sessions With Doc.

I'm continuing my series on: What is mental coaching? How does mental coaching work? And, what do you do as a mental coach?

Another question that I receive from listeners is:

"What are the things that you do as a mental coach? What are the things that you work on when you're working with athletes?"

COHN: It is a good question and one I receive often from people that will call in requesting more information about the mental coaching or write in via our website at and they want more information about: What do you do in your sessions? How do you help athletes?

COHN: It may not be what you think because I am not a therapist, i am not a psychotherapist, I am not a psychologist... I'm a coach and simply a mental coach.

COHN: So, what that means is I work on the mental preparation piece and helping athletes take their practice game to competition successfully.

COHN:where my work really comes in is when athletes are under performing in competition. They are having problems taking their practice game to the actual game and they struggle with fear of failure, with doubt, lack of confidence, lack of trust in their skills getting highly upset or frustrated...

COHN: So, what is is that I do? What are the mental skills that I actually teach athletes?

Listen to Dr. Cohn's new podcast to find out what he teaches athletes in the mental coaching program.

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