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Sports Psychology Podcast by

Sep 5, 2006

Todays sports psychology podcast is for athletes, coaches and parents who want to know what mental game breakdowns lead to a lose of focus in breaks 

A mental game breakdown in focus normally occurs as a result of distractions. There are two major types of distraction that all atheltes face - internal and external.

Internal distrations come from within and are normally irrelevant thoughts, images, emotions that pull an athlete of task and sabotage concentration. 

External distractions occur when an atheltes focus wanders to an irrelevant event or situation in his or her environment. For example, crowd noise or weather conditions may distract an athlete and lead to a breakdown in concentration.

Dr. Cohn explains his top focus-boosting mental game strategies to help athletes maintain superior concentration in sports. Listen now and learn the top focus-boosting strategies that will help you develop a zone focus and reach peak performance in sports.