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May 25, 2020

This week Dr. Cohn speaks with Brenley Shapiro for The Sports Psychology Podcast. Shapiro is the founder of Heads Up High Performance in Toronto. She’s a Sport Psychology, Performance Consultant and Certified Sports Vision Trainer. She’s the first female Mental Performance Consultant for the Arizona Coyotes in the NHL, as well as the OHL for the Peteborough Petes.

Brenley has been in practice for over 20 years working with athletes, teams, individuals, and organizations, and is the founder of Heads Up High Performance. Brenley has extensive experience and a specialized focus in work with hockey teams and players internationally and at every level from minor hockey, through to the OHL, WHL, KHL, AHL & NHL. Brenley has also been involved in the OHL Combine, U15 Program of Excellence with the Ontario Hockey Federation, and sits on the expert panel for the Coaches Association of Ontario.

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